Christmas season is just around the corner, and with it comes the search for the perfect gift. As Mexicans, we absolutely love Navidad. It’s in our blood! Images of Tamales, Champurrado with Conchas and rich family traditions fill our thoughts as we contemplate the comings days. 

To make your life easier this year, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of Mexi-Gifts which are sure to make you a Christmas hero this year. These gifts are unique, affordable and some right down hilarious. 

1. The Concha PAN-tuflas


These Pantuflas are what every Pan Dulce lover dreams about. Soft, warm, and fluffy like a real concha bread, these slippers not only have a very “punny” name but are also super practical and durable. Available in Pink and Chocolate, they are sure to satisfy the cravings anyone lucky enough to furnish their feet with them. 

Check them out here.

2. The Tortilla De Harina Blanket


The Tortilla, a true Mexican legend. It has been part of our lives and culture since the dawn of time and while it’s most popular form in Mexico is corn, we cannot forget about its direct relative - the Tortilla De Harina. The plush and large Tortilla Blanket blanket pays tribute to this culinary hero and gives its bearers, the ability to wrap themselves with it and achieve true Burrito status. A unique gift that is sure to amaze, entertain and bring comfort for years to come. 

Check it out here.

3. Mexi Badge Reels 


It’a a fact, Mexicans are some of the hardest working people on earth, working more hours a week than any other country in the world. We truly are Mexi-CANS! And that’s why these amazing badge reels are such a perfect gift. Made of high quality silicone they make it easy to show off your Mexican pride and culture at work. Be careful, everyone will be asking where you got yours from! Choose from designs like: Concha, Mazapan, Paleta Payaso, La Calavera, Frida and many more! 

Check them out here.

4. Avocado Coin Purse & a-WALK-ado Slippers


Who doesn’t love a good aguacate?! This fruit transcends borders and seems to make everything it touches better. Chances are you know an avocado aficionado or are one yourself! This avocado coin purse is absolutely hilarious because it legit looks EXACTLY like an avocado! It’s basically impossible to spot the difference until you see the convenient zipper down the middle. Along the same lines, the a-WALK-ado slippers are sure to be another home run among avocado lovers. Surprisingly, these are the first ever plush avocado slippers ever made and make the perfect gift for those who appreciate the majesty of that green little fruit we love to eat. 


Get the Avocado Coin Purse here or the a-WALK-ado Slippers here.

5. Mexican Serape Fun Socks

Show off your culture with this striking and colorful socks. The serape pattern is true Mexican design unique to our heritage and ancestors. Made of high quality pima cotton they are made to last and are the perfect gift for any proud Mexican! 


Get them here.


Hope you liked these Mexican gift suggestions. If none of these hit the spot you can always go to MexiStuff.co and are sure to find something you will love. Orales!